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The Mason County Rural Preservation Society (MCRPS) was formed by members of the local Katemcy/Camp Air community to both oppose the construction of the Fairmount Minerals Ltd (FML Sand LLC) sand mine and to preserve the community's rural way of life for future generations.

MCRPS’s process to oppose to the sand mine began in the fall of 2011 when the local community heard that Proppant (a subsidiary of FracTech) had purchased property in the Katemcy community for the purpose of constructing a sand mine. In July of 2014 MCRPS was granted a contested case hearing that would allow them to express their concerns and to prove that the air modeling done by the owner was insufficient. The contested case hearing was set for early 2015.

The TCEQ requested that MCRPS consider mediation with the sand mine owners in an attempt to resolve the issues without a contested case hearing. After studing their options and careful consideration the MCRPS directors agreed to mediation, not only because it would allow group negotiation on all issues, not just air quality; but because contested case hearings on air quality in Texas rarely result in the flat-out denial of a requested permit.

On September 24, 2014, the MCRPS directors participated in mediation with representatives of FML Sand, LLC and were able to negotiate a contract that addresses all of the Society's concerns about the sand mine project.

The contract that MCRPS negotiated with FML Sand, LLC addresses the following areas of concern:

Nuisance Issues – Lights, noise and seismic activity

Safety Concerns – Traffic entering and exiting Hwy 87; and truck traffic during school bus hours

Remediation – Both during the time of plant operation and after mining ceases

Protection of water – Ground water and surface water

Air Quality – Baseline monitoring for one year prior to construction, during construction and during operation

Esthetics of proposed site - Maintain existing trees, plant new trees and community input

Communication – Regularly scheduled meetings to address issues and concerns

Charitable Contributions and Community Support – for Katemcy/Camp Air and the greater Mason Community

The initial baseline air quality monitoring, required to continue for one year before any construction can commence, was scheduled to begin by February 1, 2015. This requirement combined with the downturn in the oil and gas industry has delayed construction of the facility at least to late 2016, but more likely 2017 or 2018.

The Mason County Rural Preservation Society and FML Sand, LLC are working together to become better partners and neighbors to create a "Good Neighbor" environment which will benefit all concerned.

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