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Wind Turbines

Picture the Texas Hill Country, quiet, beautiful, scenic; home to generations of those whose ancestors settled here in the 1850’s and those who later discovered and brought their families to this paradise among the rivers, hills and valleys. A landscape covered with oaks, mesquites and grasses; and home to deer, turkey, other wildlife, cattle, sheep and goats. This land is home to those who inhabit a place of beauty and challenges, and want to be nowhere else. They are property rights advocates who believe in every man’s right to own his own little bit of heaven, the right to say what happens to it and the responsibility to consider his neighbors in the process. These are men and women who care for the land and all those who inhabit it.

In comes Enel Green Power of North America to take advantage of the Texas wind potential, weather, wide open spaces, a geography that acts as a funnel for wind and the pro-business regulatory environment which embraces energy development. However, all of these advantages are secondary to the profitability available through federal and state subsidies and tax credits. ENEL, an Italian company of which over 25% is still owned by the Italian government, promises great rewards to landowners who lease their land to them for the installation of giant wind turbines which will be visible for miles. There is little concern to produce a product which will benefit the citizens. Their profit comes primarily from constructing the turbines and receiving the subsidies paid for by the taxpayers.

Some landowners see an opportunity to supplement their incomes which are increasingly more difficult to derive from the land, and want to take advantage of it. They may not object to the negatives associated with a wind farm and believe that the financial benefit outweighs the negatives. They are promised great benefits but may be surprised to learn they have lost control of what will be done to their property.

Though the wind farm proponents argue affordable electricity; renewable energy production; job creation; and economic benefits to the community in the form of royalties, operating fees and monthly production payments as positive results of the establishment of a wind farm, others see more negative aspects.

Opponents believe the results of the establishment of a wind farm in Mason and Menard counties will affect the aesthetics of property ownership; mar pristine views; negatively impact property values; damage the landscape; increase taxes; require tax abatements from the county and school district; cause noise pollution; disturb the peace of our idyllic community; destroy wildlife habitat; and negatively impact birds and domestic livestock. Others cite the inefficiency of wind power as a reason to avoid its development. They caution that historically wind farms are not the cure-all to our environmental problems and point out the numbers of wind turbines that have been abandoned, leaving vast graveyards of still and silent corpses standing against the horizon because they have not provided the financial benefits that were anticipated and are too expensive to maintain.

So, now, neighbor is pitted against neighbor because one desires to increase the family’s income and the other wants to keep the view clear, quiet and peaceful. Clashes are born out of no animosity of neighbor against neighbor, but out of one’s belief in his right to control his own property.

We all want clean energy, but wind has not lived up to the promises of those who will benefit most from the installation of wind farms. Wind is proving to be unreliable, inefficient and expensive. Taxpayers and users of electricity are footing the bill for an industry that is unable to meet our growing demand for electricity and has not reduced pollutants as promised.

Consult the community and thoughtfully consider implementation. The rights of a few should be weighed against the rights of the many.

Study the issue using the links provided and other information you find and make your informed decision.


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